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All Dust is Dangerous to your Health

For any workplace you have to get rid of airborne dust and any potential harmful fumes from your work or work related storage areas. Microclene’s different range of air filters are custom tailored to remove fine floating dust making your workplace a far more pleasant and safe place to be in.

All of the conventional “dust extractors” are specifically designed to capture larger dust particles, however the smaller microscopic dust is the problem that everyone faces as it remains airborne for hours that has the potential to cause or worsen existing health problems.

We can guarantee that our THOR FILTRATION air filters can remove the following types of dust:

fig1Wood. Metal. Acrylic Nail Dust. Chemical. Feather. Grain Fabric. Paper.

Along with the list given our air filter will also be able to remove any other type of dust.

Fig 1. This image should be used as a guide only. The particles commonly found in the workplace atmosphere and their size in relation to retention on Microclene disposable filter pads. Removes 95% of 1µm (micron size particles), 65%of particles 0.5µm (micron).

The Coanda Effect

The range of THOR FILTRATION ambient air filters that we provide take full advantage of the COANDA effect. This is essentially where all of the clean filtered air coming from the top of the Microclene unit will flow along the surface of the ceiling (or wall) and set up a doughnut shaped air pattern in the room, this will take over all the air in the room and this will cause all of the air to flow back through the filter while the clean air is being pumped back out into the room.
This design is much more efficient than the more common race track principal who relies on random thermals or air currents at the work place level to move the air vertically.

We have facilities to measure the airflow of our products during assembly. LEV testing is done on batches of machines several times a year.

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