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Trend T5 + teräsarja + suojalasit

Trend T5 + teräsarja + suojalasit

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T5E 8mm Router and 6pc TCT Router Cutter Set and Safety Spectacles Kit Promotion

Electronic full wave variable control of spindle speed under load for a fine finish on all types of material.
Soft-start feature eliminates sudden movement of machine on start up.
Spindle lock & hex collet nut allows easy cutter changes.
Precision machined one piece multi-slit collet with combined nut.
Compact design & low weight make it easy to use especially for intricate work.
Adjustable twin rod side-fence for guiding along a straight edge.
New features include: increased power, soft grip handles, low profile dust spout and ergonomic spindle lock.

Trend T5 + teräsarja + suojalasit

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1 x T5EB/EURO Router
1 x SET/SS11X1/4TC 6pc Cutter Set
1 x CLT/SLV/638 8mm to 1/4-inch Sleeve
1 x SAFE/SPEC/A Safety Spectacles

Rating Professional/Trade
Voltage 240 volt
Plunge stroke 0-50 mm
Power input 1010 watt
Power ampage 4.6 amp
Standard model collet dia. 8 mm
Cutter dia. max. 40 mm